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    Frontline Events

Frontline Events is a young and energetic direct sales and marketing company, based in the heart of Manchester’s business district. We specialise in outsource customer acquisition  for a large portfolio of national clients. This means that we become the face of their brand to represent them in the public eye, bringing them consistent new business to add to their customer base. Our systems allow us to give the client a highly personalised, results oriented solution to their sales and marketing needs.

Companies all over the world are always looking for more cost effective ways of attracting new customers and increasing their brand awareness and market share. That’s exactly what Frontline Events delivers for our clients, through live EVENT based advertisements to their potential customers across the country. The service we provide is always in demand and is completely transferable across different industries, meaning our business is continually able to grow and progress regardless of changing demographics and economic trends.

(**As our name suggests we only do in-store and roadshow based EVENT promotions, we cannot offer any door to door marketing services for clients**)